How to Navigate This Site

Well, looks like you’re well on your way. You started with “Start Here.” Welcome!

This site is really just a WordPress Blog. That has certain limitations that I will attempt to mitigate here.

Rather than following a chronologically sequential posting order, this is meant to be sequentially progressive, with a starting point, ending point and many points in between. So to facilitate that, there is a series of pages in the drop down menus at the top. You would look in the “Start Here” drop down menu and you will see “The Premise.”

On “The Premise” page, you will find a series of posts that laid out such that they can be read in order and follow a logical progression. Likewise, from there, you would move down through The Problem, The Solution and then over to the “Education” menu. The “Other” menu will be for posts that don’t have a place in the logical progression of our trader development system, but add to the conversation.

This layout is to help make navigating the process as easy as possible and to keep a certain flow to it. But, of course, jump around as you’d like.

If you have any suggestions for future content please send them in on the “About Me” page there is a submission box and you can find me on twitter @kurtsmock.